Episode 12×8: “Mauvaise Eau”

Written by South Thompson

Synopsis: A trip to see Scully’s brother Charlie turns deadly when she and Mulder detour into a small Minnesota town.

Disclaimer: “The X-Files” was created by Chris Carter and is the sole property of 20th Century Fox Television. This script is purely “fan fiction” and was not written for any monetary gain.

6 Replies to “Episode 12×8: “Mauvaise Eau””

  1. This was so good, I love how you keep the season 11 premise about Scully exposing her feeling – finally – and Mulder listen carefully. This has been a great ride for both of them.

  2. From reading this script, I get the impression that Scully is showing. How far along is her “roommate” at this point in the vSeason?

  3. I love how the episode looks back at great moments from “Beyond the sea” and “Wetwired”, and shows deep insights on the effects that those critical moments had on the character of Scully. Thank you!

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