Episode 12×7: “Y”

Written by Adam Silva

Synopsis: With Reyes in custody, the agents pursue a possible connection between Senator Matheson and the mysterious Mr. Y.

Disclaimer: “The X-Files” was created by Chris Carter and is the sole property of 20th Century Fox Television. This script is purely “fan fiction” and was not written for any monetary gain.

13 Replies to “Episode 12×7: “Y””

  1. Love it 🙂 Every Week i Cant wait Till wednesday 🙂 you Guys making a Great Job 🙂 Hope nothing will Happen to the Baby 🙂

  2. Thank you for writing the episodes, i keep on reading every week and I really like how you portrait the characters and evolve the story. It would have been so great to have Doggett and Reyes investigating along with Mulder and Scully in the revival seasons…

  3. actually really enjoy reading these!!! can’t wait for the one to be posted today! i’ve been looking forward to it!! thanks for writing them!

    1. Thanks, Meghan! Glad you enjoy them. We’ll be back with the final six episodes on 3/6. If you don’t mind, please take our brief, anonymous survey about the season so far. Thanks!

  4. Hello there,

    I’m the one who begged you in the survey to retcon the ‘CSM William father’ twist; I’m begging you again !
    Even if you don’t, I won’t be angry on you because I love your stories guys ! I’m a huge fan of the mythology and I was disappointed that the revival didn’t really address the alien invasion and the super soldiers. The last seasons of the old show may not have been that great but at least they were more or less consistent with the story.
    I’m looking forward to reading the end of the season !


    PS: I put 3 stars in the survey for the episodes I haven’t read. I’m sure they are great ! I must have put 5 by default.

  5. I really enjoyed this mid-season finale. Once again, nice job trying to tie up loose ends in the mythology. AD Erickson is a nice addition to the characters.

  6. Can´t wait for the come back tomorrow!! (SPOILER) I´m not ready to see Dogget and Reyes leave yet! haha Hope they reunite again later in the season!
    Thanks again

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