Episode 12×1: “Resurgence”

Teleplay by Adam Silva & Valerie​ Kelly 
Story by Adam Silva

Synopsis: Still reeling from the events of last season’s finale, Scully and Mulder face continued threat as both former allies and enemies reemerge.

Disclaimer: “The X-Files” was created by Chris Carter and is the sole property of 20th Century Fox Television. This script is purely “fan fiction” and was not written for any monetary gain.

29 Replies to “Episode 12×1: “Resurgence””

  1. really enjoyed the story, thanks! you’ve managed to keep that unique XF style. good work on tying loose ends of mythology. can’t wait to read next episodes ?

  2. This was great, thank you. Characters spot on, fast paced without compromising the story telling. I will def be reading with a renewed hope.

  3. OH I really thank you, as a french x phile, I am a big FF reader, and I appreciate the way you write this S12 virtual beginning. And the apotheosis: the return of a beloved agent I am not spoiling here 🙂
    I can’t wait til the coming wednesday, I am so thankful for fans that keep XFiles spirit alive <3

  4. Thank you for writing this! Very cool plot ideas, it was great to hear about Agent Doggett and the super soldiers again. I love reading this fanfic as a script, it felt like a real episode to me. I am looking forward to read more.

  5. Great work! The writing was spot on and seem to tie the story in with the old mythology nicely. I’m excited to read more:)

  6. I can’t wait to read more. Great job tying up s11 with the super soldiers mythology (unpopular opinion but I liked the ss) and great reintroduction of Doggett. I hope he stays. Hopefully Reyes is alive and with the good guys. At the beginning I thought she was the assistant director that Sam met. The new A.D. is interesting but I hope this is not the end of Skinner as assistant director.

  7. Great job! I love how you open and closure the episode, how authentic It feels as you are reading it and how you guys are filling the gaps of the show, tying (SPOILER)Mr.Y’s plot with supersoldiers!
    Thanks for keeping the magic alive!

  8. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed this first episode, you did an amazing job with the script, as for the way you cutted the scenes, as for the ideas to make a comeback of John (I really missed him in these last seasons) and the supersoldiers too. I’ve never liked their mythology, but the way which you had used them, with Mr. Y being a secret super alien soldier/member of the White House, and the new conspiracy in charge, makes me to like them for the first time. You did what CC couldn’t be capable to: to write a season with an interesting plotline, with Mulder, Scully, John and the rest of the band on action as the old times. I can’t wait to read the next episodes!

    Sorry for my mistakes, english in not my language and I often do grammar errors.

  9. This is simply amazing. I’d love to see this on TV as the real season 12. Carter should check this out and give you all the credit. Hugs from Argentina!

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